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My "ART" photos




I consider any BDSM play to be wonderful form of ART.

The following are some of My most favorite photos.

These photos are taken of a few people who gave Me the opportunity and pleasure to apply My artistic talents.

Many of the following were specific requests and are NOT part of a typical scene with Me.

All photos here were taken and displayed with knowledge and consent.
All models are over 18 years of age.


ass to whip

"Please Mistress whip my balls"

 cock and ball bondage

Gotta love cock and ball "bondage"

cock and ball torture with cloths pins

Maybe just a few more?


Fisting can be much fun but it is not for everyone




weighted cock and balls

Nice balls stretched and decorated

nipple torture

Nipple Torture

Straight pins through ball sac

"I will do that for you but I want to take a picture"

straight pins in the head of a cock

"You want pins where?"